You Do the Math …

… especially in tough economic times, doesn’t it make sense to get the most for your homeowner’s dollar? News of millions of foreclosed homes, giant corporate bailouts and the weak economy, why would any association allow to continue wasting their members’ money on mediocre services? Having a management company provide
no accountability, providing lack of experienced and educated advice & guidance to your Board of Directors, and lack of communications can cost the association thousands of dollars each year, ruining not only the current budget, but for future years as well.

That is why Warren Management Group believes in providing a higher level of service based on the preferences our clients have communicated to us. What would it look like to be a client of WMG? Clients of WMG …

  • receive goal-oriented services, meaning that once the Board established its specific goals for the year, the manager teams with the Board to ensure that these priorities are accomplished.
  • are offered workshops to equip Board members as effective leaders. Clients assure us that this alone has made a significant difference for them!
  • are provided a higher level of communication through an affordable, pass- word-protected association website, offering convenient e-services to their members.
  • receive “Friday E-mails” from their manager each week, summarizing completed tasks and forecasting prioritized tasks for the coming week. Board members recognize the experience of their manager by the valuable advice & guidance given on matters that assist them in their decision-making, which begins with communication!

There is a difference in management companies. Some focus on providing just the “core services” which may meet the basic needs of some associations. However, most Associations expect more from their management team because their Members have high expectations and the volunteers want to have qualified assistance that makes their time commitment profitable!

If you are ready to bring a higher level of service to your community, please visit our website at to request a management proposal.

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