Management Services

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We offer community association management services!

Warren Management presents a unique opportunity to every potential client – a “menu” of services – that affords the client the opportunity to both better understand the breadth of services available to them and make choices to ensure that they are getting best value for their dollar.

Most board members do not understand what management does for them. As a result, they don’t have a reasonable expectation of what the cost of community association management services could be. It’s like ordering a prime rib dinner – it doesn’t compete with a “hamburger joint” because one is a higher cut of meat and requires more time and attention to cook it just right!

Community association management services are offered at variable levels of service. Those who maintain records in open boxes in the trunk of their car and have no conference room to offer for meetings may represent that his “lower overhead” provides for lower rates. His overhead costs are not the Association’s focus! What is his level of professional training? What is her commitment to continuing education and involvement in the industry? What condition will the Association records be in a year from now?

For over two decades, Warren Management has been providing a level of service to the Colorado Springs/El Paso County area and beyond. We offer a complete array of community association and metro district services with the personal attention to client needs and detail that your community deserves. Our full-service community management “package” brings added value with solutions, training and education that equips the Board with the tools they need to be effective decision-makers. Contact Warren Management today and find out how our team can be of service to your community!

Warren Management’s experience and expertise delivers community association management services to:

  • Homeowner Associations (including patio homes, townhomes, and single-family communities)
  • Residential Condominium Associations
  • Office Condominium Associations
  • Land or Property Owner Associations
  • Business Owner Associations
What We Do

The Warren Management Group specializes in the field of community association management. We do one thing and we strive to do it well: MANAGE COMMUNITY! In fact, the WMG team has focused its specialties in the management techniques needed for new development, walking communities through the critical years of setting a solid foundation for the association and on through transition from developer control to owner control. WMG intentionally does not have a maintenance division or a leasing division; they manage community and provide the services needed within that “umbrella.”

We don’t represent the Developer!
Although often hired by Developer representatives serving as board members, the WMG team contracts with the Association, not the Developer. The management team is committed to the Association, which they hope is consistent with the best interest of the Developer who has envisioned and invested in the creation of the community. The management team gives guidance and carries out the decisions of the board. Unlike the role of property managers, the Board of Directors is the decision-making authority in a community association, not the association manager. In addition, the management company is NOT the HOA.

Most often, the WMG team is brought “on board” prior to the first closing of a lot /unit within a community. WMG professionals provide valuable document reviews, initial budget preparation, and gives guidance to the development team. Once the sales team is ready to sell lots/units, the management team is ready to provide all of the support they need to equip their customers with adequate information, implement services and coordinate the association’s functions.

Although not an exhaustive list, a synopsis of the services provided by Warren Management teams to community associations includes:

  • Negotiating bids and contracts for common area maintenance and other community services including landscape maintenance, snow removal, and trash removal services as well as association insurance on all common elements.
  • Maintaining the Association’s records including the original corporate documents, minutes of all meetings of the association, rules and regulations adopted by the Association, resolutions of the Board of Directors and any amendments to any association documents
  • Assisting in the preparation of an annual budget for both the Operating and Reserve funds and guiding the association through short-term and long-term planning.
  • Organizing and participating in meetings of the Association including Board of Directors meetings and various meetings of the membership.
  • Performing all accounts payable and receivable duties of the association in accordance with policies of the Board.
  • Providing monthly financial statements to the Board of Directors and annually to the membership as a whole as well as assisting in the annual review or audit and coordinating the preparation of annual IRS filings.
  • Performing governance of the community’s standards through management of covenant enforcement in accordance with the governing documents and community policies.
  • Providing administrative services including preparation and delivery of new resident packets, welcome letters, and notice of meetings of the Association.
  • Supervising insurance claims and monitoring the informational needs of the insurance policy.
  • Assisting the Board with selection & contracting for professional services.
  • Overseeing the maintenance services, working with the association’s contractors to fulfill the maintenance needs of the community, reporting to the board accordingly.
  • Assisting the board in the development of committees and task force teams that serve the board with various tasks and projects.
  • Serving as community liaison between the board and the members, the board and its professionals, and the board and its contractors.

We do one thing very well… Manage Community! And, we do it by managing the details while focusing on serving people.

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