Summer Projects Turn Tasks Into Value

During the spring and summer seasons, most community associations initiate projects that improve their common areas and enhance their community.  Whether its landscape improvements due to winter kill of trees and shrubs, exterior repainting, seal coating asphalt, restriping parking areas or replacing concrete sidewalks to avoid trip and fall hazards, there are always things to be done to care for the property.

At a recent staff meeting, the WMG team reviewed the projects that they had been working on over the summer. It was shocking to realize the accomplishments collectively, and taking stock helped everyone better appreciate how busy our teams have been throughout the season.

Our Summer Projects included:

  • Completing a major grading/drainage project
  • Hailstorm insurance claim repairs (5 communities)
  • Adding lighting to common areas
  • Making significant landscape renovations/upgrades to enhance the community’s appearance
  • Changing over to LED lighting
  • Painting projects & stucco repairs
  • Asphalt sealcoat or crack fill projects
  • Upgrading irrigation system to a SMART system
  • Adding garden boxes for next year’s community garden
  • Adding monument signage (Community identity is huge!)
  • Replacing damaged curb/gutter
  • Upgrading trash bin enclosure to deter non-member misuse
  • Replacing decaying decks
  • Eliminating old playground equipment
  • Enhancing the child play area by adding a bench for parents
  • Repairing damages in condo stairwells

Most of these projects have made significant visual changes in the community while others reduced or eliminated liability of potential injuries. All of them have improved the appearance of the community, while also eliminating deferred maintenance. The communities working on hail claims are reaping substantial upgrades in the appearance of their community, having the opportunity to upgrade materials and workmanship of initial construction. Notice the change at Territory Townhomes (pictured). These owners are truly excited about the new look of their homes.

Most homeowners “measure” how well their HOA is doing by how good they think the community looks. As Board Members know, there is a lot more to the business of the Association than the maintenance and beautification however, these Board Members also recognize that appearance matters. We are proud to have contributed to the upgrades these projects entailed and for all of the hard work of the WMG team.