Richard Beall

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Richard Beall, CMCA, AMS

Community Association Manager

Richard Beall began his career in the community association management industry in 2001, after spending five years in hotel management at a ski resort hotel near Anchorage, Alaska.  After relocating to Colorado Springs, he joined the Management Advantage team in 2002 under the mentorship of Beth Jones, PCAM.

Over the years, Mr. Beall’s portfolio has included a variety of community association clients, including townhome and condominium communities, commercial office parks, historic buildings, and mixed-use (residential and commercial) developments, as well as being an onsite manager for a large condominium community for four years.  Adapting his management style to fit the needs of each community and address their individual challenges has allowed him to build strong relationships with his Boards and community spirit with owners and residents.  He still credits his hospitality industry experience for his continued success in community management.

Mr. Beall joined the Warren Management team in July 2016, having long admired the company’s leadership in the Community Association Industry in the Pikes Peak area and passion for serving its clients.

A member of the Southern Colorado Chapter of CAI since 2002, Mr. Beall earned his Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®) designation in 2002, and Association Management Specialist (AMS®) in 2004. He has served on the chapter’s Education Committee for several years. He also obtained his Colorado CAM license in 2015.

On weekends, Mr. Beall enjoys being outdoors, hiking with his dog, a Shiba Inu.  He enjoys growing orchids and cooking.

Heather Smith

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Heather Smith, CMCA

Community Association Manager

Ms. Heather Smith joined the Warren Management team in October 2013 after relocating to Colorado Springs from Orange County, California.    Upon obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Child & Adolescent Development from California State University in Fullerton, Ms. Smith’s career began as a third grade teacher.  In 2010, she transitioned careers to the community management field.

Ms. Smith began working with community associations as an Associate at Keystone Pacific Property Management in Irvine, California.  It is no surprise that she was promoted to community manager a short time later, working primarily on the New Development team to revitalize abandoned projects after the recession.

Ms. Smith was a licensed community association manager in California; however, upon relocating to Colorado Springs and joining the Warren Management team as a portfolio manager, she began pursuing management credentials through Community Associations Institute (CAI).  She obtained the “Certified Manager of Community Associations” (CMCA®) designation in June 2014, and continues to pursue additional credentials through continuing education and proven management experience.  She is destined to accomplish much in a career that she serves so passionately.

Ms. Smith has proven to possess some strong management skills that are highly valued by her clients.  She has amazing patience!  The “teacher” in her shines through as a communicator, capable of restating comments by others to become more clearly understood by all or taking a complicated subject and piecing it out in laymen’s terms to make it easy to comprehend.  She is also capable of masterfully preparing written communications that are thorough, effective, and professional.  She has proven her leadership qualities and has “performed beyond (her client’s) expecations.”

Ms. Smith is a terrific mother of two adorable girls.  She is a generous person, especially in her friendships to others – people who are fortunate to have her in their circle of life.    She is creative and sees only opportunities ahead rather than obstacles; absolutely a glass-is-half-full kind of person!  She enjoys hobbies such as sewing, reading, hula-hooping (yes really), puzzles, and people-watching downtown.

Warren Management is blessed to have Ms. Smith on its team of managers!