Jamie Adams

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Jamie Adams, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Senior Association Manager
Vice President of Education

Jamie Adams joined the Warren Management team in October 2003 serving as an administrative assistant.  Ms. Adams brought her career experience from the retail market, having achieved acknowledgment for her excellence in both customer service and sales.  Ms. Adams has a bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences from the University of Wyoming.

Ms. Adams seemed to quickly “connect” with the management business, being promoted to management intern in a short time.  She earned the designation of “Certified Manager of Community Associations” (CMCA®) from NBC-CAM in 2005 and was promoted to community association manager.    Later, she achieved the “Association Management Specialist” (AMS®) designation in 2007.  Jamie accomplished the “Professional Community Association Manager” (PCAM®) designation in 2015.

Ms. Adams serves on Warren Management’s Leadership Team, providing thoughtful decision making for the company’s direction.  “What I appreciate most about Jamie,” says Linda Warren, Warren Management’s CEO, “is her constant attention to the pulse of the team.  She genuinely cares about people, and she makes it part of her responsibility to make sure the people on our team feel valued.”  Ms. Adams also serves as Vice President of Education, coordinating the continuing education needs of the team.

Jamie’s strength is her passion for people and her non-compromising commitment to quality customer service, putting people first.  Her strength in relationship building affords her the privilege of long-term relationships with both business partners and board members.  Jamie also demonstrates a strong attention to detail.  She knows her clients’ documents in greater detail than most managers, being able to readily give advice to her clients in the decision-making process.   Jamie is also attentive to resources that can be used to benefit other clients, being a strong advocate of teaming with industry partners.

Jamie has served as an active member of the Southern Colorado Chapter of CAI for many years, having served successfully as chair of the Chapter’s Education Committee and now being charged as Chapter President in 2016.   Colleagues have come to appreciate Jamie’s leadership and anticipate her continued leadership in years to come, impacting the industry “beyond the city limits.”

Aside from her career, Jamie enjoys spending time with family and friends. Jamie has been married for over 15 years and is a proud mother of three.  Volunteering in ways that support her children and their various activities brings her great satisfaction.