Ashlee Sacdalan

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Ashlee Sacdalan

Assistant Community Association Manager

With a tenacious spirit and compassionate heart, Ashlee entered Warren Management Group determined to succeed in September of 2022. After 12 years of holding various leadership positions in the Health and Fitness Club Industry, Ashlee wanted to make a change. Her outstanding experience, uplifting energy, and positive perspectives were just a few characteristics that solidified her for the role of Assistant Community Association Manager. 

While she is new to Community Association Management, her experience in financial management, facility operations, sales and marketing, event production, and providing fast and effective customer service, serves her well in her new role. Ashlee is an empathetic leader with a servant’s heart and will go to great lengths for the people she serves. Her number one goal for 2023 is to become a Certified Manager of Community Associations, CMCA. 

Ashlee currently is teamed with Jennifer Herbst, CMCA, AMS. This strong duo ensures that organization is key, and all homeowners feel supported. Ashlee’s favorite element of Jennifer’s team is the mentorship she provides, the positive relationship they have built, and the laughs they share. 

When Ashlee is not in the office, she enjoys spending time with her wife, Jodi, and three boys, Jacob, Joshua, and Caleb. Ashlee loves playing disc golf, pickleball, coaching functional fitness classes, and hiking with Hershey, her chocolate cockapoo.