Warren Management Board Training – Workshop for Presidents


One of the things that sets Warren Management apart as an HOA Management company is our belief in education for the Board of Directors. Serving on the Board of Directors is rarely an easy task. In fact, it’s most often unappreciated! However it doesn’t need to be one that wanders aimlessly in the dark! We believe everyone should be equipped with the knowledge and tools that show them how partnering strategically with your management team can lead to great success during their leadership term.

That is why in partnership with The Community Associations Institute, our Board Member Orientation program prepares Directors with necessary basic knowledge and orientation to understand your role and responsibility and in carrying out your duties for the Association successfully.

Our workshops focus on the importance of Board Member responsibilities and help them reach beyond to address governing issues while supporting neighborly development. Our passion for education and understanding allow us to walk through the challenges and the successes with each community, providing resources, guidance, and encouragement all along the way.

We recently held our first Board Workshop for our Board Presidents. This workshop was designed just for them, and we received great feedback from our Presidents!  The workshop was taught by attorneys David Graf and Tim Moeller of MoellerGraf, P.C.    Their knowledge and experience in HOA law, working alongside managers and their Board members, affords them great insight into the workings of HOAs.  Their presentation was top-notch and well received by the group of 25 board members/Presidents in attendance. Topics covered during the workshop included reviewing Governing Documents, executive sessions, apparent authority, driving the meetings, and email voting.



Here are just a few comment from our President attendees:

Being a first time President, what I learned at the Board Workshop will help a lot!  The guys presenting made it fun!  Thank you for an informative meeting.  Looking forward to what else you have up your sleeve!” – Cheryl

“I feel every topic touched in the presentation was valuable!  Points that stood out to me were: learning to make slow course corrections, following the agenda being paramount, and not feeling that we have to give homeowners answers on the spot!  I didn’t know about DORA.  There’s so much to learn!  I love your classes and appreciate them!  Thank you.” – Sherrie

“Being a new president, it was extremely helpful to understand more about my role and responsibilities. The two gentlemen that presented were so knowledgeable!  The timing was great as we have our board meeting tomorrow afternoon.  I’m looking forward to implementing some of the things I learned.” – Kyle

“The presenters had a nice style, mixing humor with details.  I think that I learned a few things last night; in particular:  (1) there is no implied authority, (2) clarification on executive session, and (3) clarification on email voting.  Thank you for allowing me to attend!”  – Bill

“This workshop was very beneficial because it confirmed the current actions of our Board and the important of timely, consistent communications.  [David] Graf’s explanation that any action — or lack of it — can be interpreted to be acceptance of a homeowner’s request was significant for me.  Most volunteer board members do not understand the importance of following set procedures that avoid conflicts.  As Graf explained, this can be an unnecessary mistake!  Follow procedures!”  – David

“First, thank you for all your efforts to continue to educate those you and your professional team work so hard to serve.  I truly appreciate Warren Management’s approach to doing business, and I personally have benefitted from it every time I attend one of the training sessions.  Last night, I was reminded to go back and review the basics!  It all starts there and periodically we need to be reminded of that fact.  So I will be reviewing our Governing Documents!  Other topics that were of value to me included executive sessions, apparent authority, driving the meetings, and email voting.”   – Tom

“The training was quite helpful.  The clarity about CCIOA is always right on.  I think all board members need the continual reminder that we are responsible for legal compliance.”  – Joe

“The class was very informative.  I appreciate your provision of this information to the HOAs you serve.  What I heard brought several questions to mind.  Now I have good reasons to actually read through the Governing Documents for our community.  I want to learn more about the process to be used for decision making outside of a meeting so that we are using an allowable process.  Thanks again for all this information.  It tells me that we have many improvements to make, even after all these years.”  – Jim

To learn more about our Board Trainings or to find out how we can help educate and assist your Board of Directors, contact us today!