Understanding Community Governance


Providing leadership tools to board members

Every board member should be able to answer these questions … the learning objectives of this workshop:

  • Do you know “how” and “when” to use legal counsel?
  • Do you know what the “governing documents” are and the “purpose” of each?
  • Do you understand the manager’s role in obtaining legal assistance?
  • Do you know when the Board should adopt a policy versus amend the documents?
  • Do you know the steps of rules development?
  • Do you know what “due process” is and why it is a mandatory part of the rules enforcement process?
  • Do you know how to hold a hearing?

Even though the management team generally performs the services that identify the outstanding rules violations in the community and gives the applicable notice to the resident, the process of rules enforcement involves the entire board. If you aren’t prepared to carry out a proper hearing, know when to involve legal counsel, and the different alternatives of resolution, run … don’t walk … to this workshop! It will equip you with a complete understanding of the governance process so that you can be an effective participate in the process.

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