The Duties of the Association President

The President is the “leader” of the Board of Directors, but the President is not “the Board.” He/she has certain responsibilities (which are typically set forth in the Bylaws), but must use extreme care in not overstepping his/her authority by making decisions for the Board.

The role of the President is …

  • To serve as chairman in meetings of the Board of Directors and in all meetings of the membership.
  • To seek consensus by the board members in making decisions in the interest of the community as a whole.
  • To avoid the interference of personal agendas by board members and committee leaders.
  • To lead the Board in the selection of contractors and professionals that will serve the needs of the Associations.
  • To seek the input and communication of the members.
  • To exercise fiduciary duty (duty of care) in the management of the Association’s business.
  • To uphold the standards for the community established in the governing documents.
  • To support the decisions of the Board.
  • To promote a sense of community by supporting open communication through whatever means available, encouraging member participation and making him/herself available to the membership.

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