The Core of WMG is Our Team – Meet Jaime Adams


WMG’s strength is and always has been our team. With over 130 years of experience in management collectively, it is the individual strengths of each team member that allow us to lead with Heart and bring superior service to our clients. We are thrilled to share with you the story of one of our most esteemed team members, Senior Association Manager and Vice President of Education Jamie Adams, and how she became a part of the WMG family.

Years ago, the Colorado Springs Department Store, Joslins, was located in Chapel Hills Mall.  One of her favorite shopping destinations, WMG owner Linda Warren frequented the store, so it was surprising that she hadn’t met the ladies’ business attire Dept. Manager, Jamie.  However, when the WMG team needed more administrative staff, manager Karla Greeley was quick to recommend her best friend, Jamie Adams. Jamie’s cheerfulness was what first impressed Linda along with her background of amazing customer service. Jamie was invited to join WMG as an Administrative Assistant in October 2003.

Jamie took to learning “like a duck takes to water!”  Determined to move from Admin Assistant into a management role, Jamie earned her first credential as a “Certified Manager of Community Associations” in just two years and was promoted to manager. Her achievements and awards began to be seen.  In June 2006, Jamie was honored by Colorado Springs City Council for her leadership in the Firewise Program.  She then added the “Association Management Specialist” designation in 2007, increasing in knowledge and experience.  Meanwhile, Jamie’s leadership grew stronger and her confidence developed through each experience.  Just two of the notable accommodations Jamie has received were in November 2011, she received an accommodation from a client, Sweetwater Ridge, stating that she had achieved “a diamond-level relationship with their Board of Directors in serving their Association.”  In March 2013, Jamie received an accolade for her outstanding work on her management plans, a tool utilized by the WMG managers.  Jamie continues to be a leader among the team of managers at Warren Management in use of management tools, in problem solving, in record-keeping management, and board leadership.


Jamie’s story is an honor to tell. We hope you will take the time to get to know her and other members of our team to see how we can provide exceptional service and leadership for your HOA.

In 2015, Jamie accomplished the “Professional Community Association Manager” credential through CAI, the highest designation given to Community Association Managers. As she walked across the stage at CAI’s National Conference to be installed, it was evident that the significance of her accomplishment was realized in that moment.  The ballroom was filled with industry partners, and fellow PCAMs stood in honor, ready to recite the PCAM pledge with the newly-inducted candidates.  It was truly a surreal moment for Jamie.  A proud moment for her husband, Jim.  A treasured moment for Linda Warren, her mentor, who spent that moment reciting the PCAM pledge as if no one else but Jamie & her were in the room — and remembering that just a few years ago this was the same young woman that had joined WMG as the “Joslins girl,” full of potential and exceptional customer service skills. Peer managers, Brandon Helm and Susan Sills were also in the audience, reciting the pledge with Jamie and being her greatest cheerleaders of the day.

Jamie continues to demonstrate her leadership skills.  She has been the Chapter President of the Southern Colorado Chapter of CAI, and she has served on Warren Management’s Leadership Team for several years.  Having been a part of WMG’s story for over 14 years in multiple capacities, she been an important part of the Warren Management family and our journey together.

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