Roles & Responsibilities


Understanding the Role of the Board & the Responsibilities of a Board Member

Every day another volunteer steps to the plate and agrees to fill the vacancy on some Board of Directors somewhere. Did they make that step with understanding of the obligations they must meet? Do they know the powers and duties of the Board, which will guide the Board in its decision-making? Do they know where the lines of indemnification stop and personal liability begins?

Common-interest communities operate as a non-profit corporation with most powers and responsibilities being given to the Board of Directors on behalf of the members. They become the
decision-making entity. In order for the Board to be successful in its quest to serve the business needs, community needs, and governance needs of the organization, it must be equipped with a clear understanding of its role and responsibilities.

This workshop is a must for every board member – new or experienced. It will prepare the Board member to recognize the role of the manager, the rights of the members, and the obligations of the Board. In addition, it will clarify some critical warnings that Board members often violate

This workshop is interactive and answers many questions that Board members have about how to work with other Board members (especially those with personal agendas), how to be more productive as a Board, and ways to prepare for decision-making. What board couldn’t benefit from these important topics!

For more information, contact Linda Warren, CMCA, PCAM at (719) 685-7817.