Records Access

Have No Secrets

Association members are welcome to read official association documents. There’s nothing secret about the business of the association. In fact, every Member should already have copies of key documents like the Bylaws or Community Standards. Other common documents that are open for members to review include:

  • Board meeting minutes
  • Insurance policies
  • Financial statements and annual audits
  • Declaration and Bylaws
  • Rules and regulations
  • Current contracts
  • Leases and agreements
  • Ballots and proxies

Here’s how to gain access:

  • Send the board a request in writing specifying exactly what records you wish to review, the date of those records and the purpose of your request.
  • The board will respond to your request within 30 days. During that time the board or manager will locate the correct documents and get them ready for you.
  • The records you requested will be available for your review during regular business hours at the manager’s office for 30 days after we process your request.
  • The association will make copies of records for a reasonable fee.

Please do not request documents that infringe on the privacy of an individual like medical or personnel records. These are not public records, and the association will not make them available. Salary information is available in the aggregate, but not for individuals. Some requests might also be denied if they involve ongoing legal or contractual obligations that might expose the association board or manager to liability.

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