Linda Warren

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Linda M. Warren, CMCA,  AMS,  PCAM

Linda Warren is the Founder & President of The Warren Management Group, Inc. AAMC, a nationally accredited association management company located in Colorado Springs, CO.  She is also the founder of The Institute of Community Learning, a “school” dedicated to helping others by ending assumptions about community associations.

Unique ImpactWarren Management is the only community association management company in Colorado Springs that provides service from a Menu of Services offered to its clients based on the transparency of hours tracked for services provided, a standard created by Ms. Warren that honors the company’s professional standards while providing the most cost-efficient means of services to the client.  Ms. Warren is highly respected in the Colorado Springs area and is known for operating a business with utmost professional integrity.  Ms. Warren was honored as one of Colorado Springs’ Women of Influence in 2016 by the Colorado Springs Business Journal.  The Warren Management Group is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2017.

Career History:  Ms. Warren became involved in the development of residential communities in 1986 while working for the highly-respected development team at Vintage Communities in Colorado Springs’ Peregrine Development.  As a result of that experience, in 1992 she established Warren Management Group as somewhat an “accidental entrepreneur,” while bringing fresh ideas to the community management marketplace. Having formed professional relationships with those creating new residential developments, it was only natural for Warren Management to become the leader in new development management.  Over 20 years later, Warren Management continues to be the leader in new development management in the Colorado Springs area, serving many of the most successful new developments.

Professional CredentialsMs. Warren holds several professional credentials through Community Associations Institute, an international organization dedicated to building better communities which provides information, education and resources to all community association stakeholders, including community managers and homeowner leaders.  Ms. Warren’s professional designations include the industry’s pinnacle achievement, “Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM®),” a credential held by only a small percentage of the nation’s community managers; Ms. Warren earned the PCAM® designation in 2000.   She is also credentialed by the Community Association Management International Certification Board as a “Certified Manager of Community Associations” (CMCA®).   Ms. Warren’s management company, The Warren Management Group, Inc. is credentialed as an “Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC®)” which signifies that the Company operates at a higher standard of service than most companies, accountable to its clients.

Professional MentorAs leader of her team, Ms. Warren’s objective is to develop and mentor management teams that serve the clients of Warren Management with a servant’s heart, helping each community establish a sense of belonging by putting people first and managing with a focus on being reasonable, something lost in translation by many association leaders of today.  Warren Management serves single-family, condominium, office condos, business campuses, and land owner associations.  Ms. Warren believes strongly in the professionalism of her industry.  Honored by opportunities to mentor managers that are developing their careers, she wants to help them position their perspective as a professional with a unique skill set that manages the day-to-day operations of corporations without losing focus on the people that are truly the stakeholders.   In her own marketplace, she seeks clients that value professional services and recognizes what a team of trained professionals offer.

InstructorMs. Warren has served as a member of the National faculty for Community Associations Institute since 2002 and is the instructor for the Institute of Community Learning, broadening the learning potential for all individuals associated with the real estate industry.  Ms. Warren was awarded the “2013 Educator of the Year” by Community Associations Institute.  In 2014, she was given the opportunity to teach internationally in Dubai, United Arab Emiratis for a group of managers representing many cultures of the Middle East.  As a result, Ms. Warren currently served on an iSME team writing a certification exam to be given internationally to manager candidates worldwide.  Ms. Warren currently serves on the Continuing Education Approval Council for CAM-ICB.

Prior to joining the National Faculty for CAI, Ms. Warren was teaching workshops for board members of Warren Management’s clients.  Ms. Warren knew that trained board members were easier to work with and were more successful in their role as board members.  Therefore, she developed a series of board workshops that were offered each year to assist board members in learning what board members needed to know, being the sole decision-makers for the community association.

Ms. Warren wrote workshops covering topic such as:

  • The Role of the Board & the Responsibility of the Board Member
  • Getting the Most out of your Next Annual Meeting
  • Understanding Financial Reports
  • The Role of the Board President
  • Being Reasonable in Governance
  • Serving the Board in Balance

Ms. Warren also believes that having a strategic planning session with each Board is crucial to getting the Board moving in the same direction on priorities.  A strategic planning session, written by Ms. Warren, takes the Board members through the analysis of the Association’s current status and establishes the vision to which it desires to work towards, creating a mission statement that is broadly communicated thereafter.

ExpertiseMs. Warren’s expertise has enabled her to serve as an expert witness in litigations involving architectural review, protection of the management company’s proprietary business practices, and board fiduciary responsibility.   She has been a speaker at numerous CAI chapter events as well as two of CAI’s national conferences.  In addition, she has served on National Committees of CAI, including the Designation Ethics Council.  Ms. Warren has served for three years on the Planning Committee for the CEO Retreat Planning Committee, bringing forth critical topics of discussion for over CEOs nationwide.

AuthorMs. Warren is often contacted by CAI’s publication division for assistance with articles on key topics.

Recently, she contributed to an article entitled “Your Share of the Market” on how to increase the percent of proposals your company wins along with James Comin, PCAM in the Nov/Dec 2016 publication of “Community Manager.”  Ms. Warren also wrote an article entitled “Vive la Difference!” on how Millennials will change how we do business, and why we need to start learning how.  This article was published in the Executive Insights section of the “Community Manager” publication in Jan/Feb. 2017.

Participation in the Industry:

  • Southern Colorado Chapter of CAI, 1993 to present
    • Member, Board of Directors, 1996-2000
    • Membership Chair, 1996
    • President-Elect, 1997, 1999
    • President, 1998, 2000
    • Programs Committee Chair, 2001
    • Special Event Committee Chair, 2002
    • Manager Credentialing Committee, 2 years
    • Technology Committee/Photographer, 2014-2017
  • National Organization of Community Associations Institute
    • Membership/Chapters Advisory Committee – Member
    • Best Practices Task Force Chair – 2002
    • Designation Ethics Committee – 2 years
    • CEO Planning Retreat Committee – 2014 – 2017
    • National Conference Speaker – 2007, 2009

National Faculty Instructor:   On behalf of CAI’s National Faculty, Ms. Warren is qualified to teach the following courses:

“The Essentials of Community Association Management: (M-100)  This comprehensive community association management course provides a practical overview for new managers, an essential review for veteran managers and an advanced course for board members.   It covers roughly nine areas of management that provides the manager a basis of understanding and equips them with tools of where to seek additional resources.

“Association Communication”  (M-202)  This course offers communication strategies that will benefit both new and experienced managers and provide the skills to better understand owners and volunteers. The student learns the basics of good customer service and gains the tools to effectively handle complaints, write newsletters,  reports and manage public relations situations.

Association Leadership” (M-203)  This course shows how to inspire the cooperation needed from board leaders and volunteers to achieve management goals. The student learns proven ways to motivate and guide community leaders and help board and committee members accomplish more at every meeting.  This course provides the manager with various “management tools” that equips the manager with methods that helps them to manage proactively rather than reactively.

Leadership Practices in Building Community” (M-360)  This course teaches the student the management strategies that build better community relations. Students learn how to help their community members develop social and problem-solving skills and foster greater participation in the community. It also develops the leadership skills that can increase the manager’s job satisfaction and enhance their career growth.  This course is an advance level course.

PCAM Case Study:  The PCAM Case Study is a comprehensive examination of an actual community association, combining classroom discussion with an extensive on-site inspection. Candidates explore the pre-selected community in depth, reviewing its administrative procedures, legal documents and communications; meeting with its manager, board members and key personnel; and learning about the local area. Candidates are encouraged to ask questions and openly discuss issues faced by the association.  Then they are given several multi-faceted questions to which they must write a compilation of answers, the “Case Study,” (similar to a Master’s thesis) showing their ability to guide and advise a community association through problem solving and professional advice in all areas of management.   The students in the Case Study have just 30 days to turn in their report.

Community VolunteerMs. Warren grew up in a small rural community is south-central Nebraska where sense of community was an “organic” part of life, including being involved in the community.  Therefore, Ms. Warren continues to participate in her community and contribute in areas of greatest need.  You’ll note that these areas all have something to do with children!

  • Ms. Warren passionately served on the Board of Directors of HBA Cares from 2011 – 2014.  HBA Cares is a local, philanthropic organization whose purpose is to connect community needs to the skills and abilities of the housing and building industry.
  • Ms. Warren is involved with Special Kids Special Families, a local non-profit providing respite care to families having members with disabilities, particularly those with autism.
  • Ms. Warren has involved her team with The Griffith Center for Children, which takes in boys who have fallen into the justice system because of a lack of guidance, educates and redirects them, giving them hope for a new life.  The Center chances lives that others don’t have much of a chance.
  • A cause that touches very close to home, The Nephcure Foundation, receives much a Ms. Warren’s volunteer effort as she hopes for a cure for a member of her own family.
  • Ms. Warren engages her management team to partner with each one of the company’s community associations in a Care Drive annually for Care and Share, the local food bank for Southern Colorado.  Ms. Warren is especially passionate about the backpack program for school children who would otherwise go hungry over the weekend without a backpack of food they are able to take home on Friday to feed their family.