Gone on Vacation! Tips to Keep Your Home Safe



Vacation should be a time you look forward to, filled with memories, photos and souvenirs you will cherish for a lifetime. As you plan and prepare for these much needed getaways from the stress and daily rigor of life, the last thing you want on your mind as a homeowner is whether your house will be safe and sound. Luckily, there are a few simple tips that can help ensure the safety of your home while giving you peace of mind to enjoy your vacation adventures:

  • Hold all your mail as nothing says “Away from Home” quite like a giant pile of bills and letters outside the door. Your mail carrier will also appreciate this! Don’t forget to hold the newspaper too!
  • Social Media is huge for everyone these days, but you are much better off not announcing your vacation on social media until after you get back. This includes updates while you are gone, and if possible try to keep a low profile before you leave as well so it’s not such a noticeable break
  • These days there are timers you can set for lights, television, radio – you name it. Your house can look occupied and lived in while you are miles away!
  • Don’t ditch your regular home maintenance plan – if you have someone mowing the lawn or watering your plants keep it up! An unkempt yard or change in routine could alert anyone looking for an easy target.
  • Trust a friend or family member with the spare key – don’t leave it under the front door mat! Hopefully they can swing by to make sure everything is ok, maybe even water the plants if you need it, especially in exchange for a special souvenir.
  • Protect yourself from fire risk by unplugging all unnecessary appliances including toasters, televisions and chargers.
  • Lock it up! Invest in a safe or even safety deposit box if you have valuables you want to make sure are protected
  • Don’t be afraid to advertise your security systems with decals in the windows, signs in the yard, even fake security cameras can be a deterrent! Make sure you alert your security company as well, so they can monitor any unusual activity at your home during your travel dates.
  • One final note – don’t forget the garage! Vehicles that are parked in your driveway offer easy access to your home if a thief breaks in and the garage door opener is inside.

We hope you find this useful in keeping your home and valuables safe. WMG understands the pride and security that goes into caring for a home and vacation shouldn’t take away from that. Now go enjoy your vacation and your peace of mind. Safe travels!

Source: https://www.safety.com/10-ways-to-protect-your-home-while-youre-on-vacation/