Cory Town

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Cory Town

Vice President of Accounting & Finance
Accounting Dept. Manager

Cory Town joined the Warren Management team in September 2001, being the team member (other than Linda Warren) having the longest career with Warren Management.  Each year, Cory contributes to the services of the Warren Management team in a greater capacity, helping our team improve its methodology through relevant means and seeking enhanced services that favor the Members in our community associations.

When Mr. Town joined the Warren Management team, he had no experience with community associations however he had done some accounting for non-profit corporations.  Most importantly, he has been a continual learner and sought out solutions for Warren Management’s clients over the years.

Where most clients have simplified budgets as far as corporate accounting is concerned, understandable and meaningful information presented in each interim and year-end financial report is key to each Warren Management client being well-equipped for planning and decision-making.   Mr. Town often meets with board members to answer questions, discuss funding options, and gain better understanding of their Association’s financial health.  He is a valued member of our management team!

Mr. Town has served on Warren Management’s Leadership Team for over 10 years, which serves as the visionary leaders of the team; the Team members also mentor other individuals in the Company as they become Ambassadors of Warren Management.

Mr. Town holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Kansas State University.  He resides in the Monument community with his wife, Bridget, and their four children.  He enjoys working with wood and is quite accomplished in brewing his own beer.