Board Meeting Preparedness

From Thoughtful Planning to Executing a Successful Meeting

The Board meeting is the place where decision-making happens. For that specific reason, it is very important to the successful outcome of this Board’s service to the community that preparations for these meetings be done with thoughtful planning.

This Board workshop is designed with the Board President is mind; however, it is useful to all Board members so that they know what to expect from the President’s leadership.

In this workshop, you’ll learn your role in planning for an effective board meeting. Like staging a home that is being placed on the market for sale, planning for a meeting requires certain actions in order to gain productive results. It will also teach you how to improve the preparation of your fellow board members.

We’ll talk about the “Tools of Necessity,” how to avoid the unfocused meeting, and how to use parliamentary procedure for desired results. We’ll discuss the importance of respect at the board meeting and by its participants. Ideas will be given that may offer timely resolution to some of your challenges.

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