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It’s NOT Junk Mail!

A homeowners association is obligated to provide its members with various notices that constitute steps in the process of conducting association business. These notices include: Notice of covenant violation Notice of assessment Notice of delinquent account Notice of new policy(s)…
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Assessment Payments & Late Fees

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Assessments are annual obligations due to the Association by each Member. Assessments are most commonly payable in equal monthly installments; however some associations elect for quarterly or semi- annual payments. Members may pay their entire annual assessment at once even…
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Supporting the Board of Directors

Homeowner associations are non-profit corporations governed by an appointed or elected Board of Directors. The individuals that serve on this board are bound by certain fiduciary duties, including the Duty of Loyalty and the Duty of Care. Specific duties and…
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DRC or HOA? I’m Confused!

Common interest communities today are not all the same. Some developers set the community up with a homeowners association (HOA). Others split the community’s needs between a homeowners association and a metro district, which is a quasi-governmental body that manages…
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Community Governance

Common-interest communities, whether residential or commercial, have three common characteristics. Membership is mandatory and automatic by ownership of property. Certain documents bind all owners to be governed. Mandatory lien-based assessments are levied on each Owner in order to operation the…
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