And the Award Goes To… 2019 Inaugural Employee Celebration


At Warren Management, our team is our strength. We know how important it is to have a staff and leadership comprised of loyal, hard-working, incredible people who love what they do. We are so excited to honor and celebrate those team members and to share their outstanding efforts with the community.

Warren Management proudly hosted their Inaugural Employee Awards March 11th, 2019. The event was held at the Wolf Ranch Rec Center and hosted by Linda herself as a thank you to all staff members.

We are proud to share the award categories and winners with you. All awards were chosen by their relationship to our WMG Mission & Vision statements, and all voting was done by the staff members themselves. While Linda did not vote, she did feel that the staff did a great job of honoring those top performers on the team.

Learn more about all of the amazing Warren Management Team members!

The Inaugural 2019 WMG Award Winners

Amanda Stiles
Beth Snodgrass
Dolores Stibitz
Melonie Marshall
Jamie Adams

Dolores Stibitz, The Punctilious Award – Person who is recognized as being an amazingly hard worker; willing to go the extra mile to get the job done

Melonie Marshall, The Compassion Award – Person who has the skill of showing empathy towards others & uses it to show exceptional customer service

Kerry Byrd, The Inspiration Award – Person who inspires others to their best, equipping others to succeed and feel valued

Beth Snodgrass, The Good Fellow Award – Person who looks for opportunities to jump in and help make things happen/get things done

Accounting Team, Best Team Award – Team that works the best together to accomplish WMG’s mission of helping make communities more desirable

Heather Smith, The Ambassador Award – Person who stands out as the most effective Ambassador (representative) of WMG

Amanda Stiles, MTA of the Year Award – MTA who was outstanding as a team member, exceptional as a second, showing an intentional heart for serving others

Jamie Adams, Manager of the Year Award – Manager who inspires other managers and team members, is appreciated by their clients, and has accomplished great things in 2018